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MAIAK M JSC is a company specialising in two directions: commercial activity -- supply of metals, and production activity -- processing of metals. 

The successful development of the company over the years has made the name MAIAK M recognizable both in Bulgaria and abroad. Warehouses in the country's five largest cities are a clear sign of the company's market presence.

The corporate structure has been established as a result of our long experience in metal trading and processing. It has been fully oriented to serving our customers flawlessly, on the one hand, and enabling our team members’ creativity and high performance, on the other hand. The main objectives and responsibilities are clearly defined for each team member, and everyone holds a rightful place in the corporate structure. The company is run from a head office and has five warehouses in the cities Varna, Ruse, Sofia, Plovdiv and Burgas.

Having warehouses in Bulgaria’s major cities is in line with one of our core principles – to be fully available to our partners – suppliers as well as customers. We do our best to keep our warehouses well-stocked, keeping most of the materials indoors – an essential prerequisite for offering metals of good quality.

The company’s head office comprises the following departments:

  • Sales;
  • Procurement;
  • Finance;
  • Transport and logistics.

The company uses a tailor-made ERP software system which greatly boosts efficiency and coordination between our warehouses and head-office departments.


Main activities

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1. Customer enquiry

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2. Enquiry analysis

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3. Quotation

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4. Delivery organisation



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5. Delivery




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6. Invoicing / paperwork





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